AgriRem Earth Care gets results.

AgriRem Earth Care is a specialised Bioremediation and Regeneration firm providing a unique,
in situ service. We provide proper and comprehensive solutions to industry, agriculture, community recreational areas and the domestic markets.

We are a pioneering company offering an extremely environmentally friendly, cost effective and proven solution to all forms of land and groundwater remediation and regeneration.

Our service differs from traditional methods as no hazardous chemicals are applied and results are achieved in a comparably short time frame. In fact, immediately following application, the process of returning the site back to the way mother nature had intended it to be, life giving, not taking, begins.
With keen attention to our sustainability policy and core values, Agrirem Earth Care aspires to be accountable financially and environmentally whilst maintaining a positive impact on the community.
We are based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast offering a national service.

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Thinking Sustainability?
Think NASAA, Australia’s First Organic Certification Organisation.

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