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Recreational Environments connection between soil health and ours.

A70 Sustainable Turf Management

A70 is used to support "The Natural Nutrient Cycle™", stimulating growth and natural nutrient release making it ideal for sports turf management. "The Natural Nutrient Cycle" describes the process in which readably available, abundant elements from our natural environment are transformed into biologically available nutrients that are vital for the long-term sustainability of the soil. This process was designed by Mother Nature and describes what we have termed the "Harmonious Symbiotic Relationship™" which outlines the relationship between the bacterium and fungi with the soil and vegetation. 

We've been working with the Nambour Toads Rugby Union Club and have created Australia's, if not the world's first organically certified sports field. So what does this mean, for a start, no more fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or pre emergents will be ever used again on this field. When anyone plays on their field, they'll be on healthy, chemical free grass and the birds have a continuous supply of fat healthy worms to feast on, another by-product of having healthy, chemical free soil. 

Sports people competing in contact/collision sports regularly come in contact with the ground and often have minor abrasions opening the skin to any residual pesticides, fungicides, pre-emergents and herbicides that may be in the ground and on the grass. A70, when applied to sports grounds or large turf areas greatly reduces ground contaminants back to acceptable and suitable standards for public use reducing the levels of Golden Staph bacteria and other infections commonly affecting ground users.

With keen attention to their sustainability policy and core values all of AgriRem Earth Care products are made from 100% re-new able, fully sustainable resources, ensuring a net positive effect on the environment. They are all certified organic by Nasaa as an allowable input for organic production so you can have faith that all of AgriRem Earth Care products are what they claim.

It's safe to say..."It's safe to play when using AgriRem"

Thinking Sustainability? Think NASAA, Australia’s First Organic Certification Organisation.

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