Our Soil Management Process.


Service Features:

The specialised bioremediation team at AgriRem Earth Care manage the treatment process for their client's application. Experienced personnel will access the required treatment, develop a treatment process to suit the contaminated area/material and job requirements, than implement the treatment on behalf of the client.

Experienced Personnel support the bioremediation process.
Pre and post testing with certified third party laboratory for physical and chemical analysis.
Natural microorganism without the need for chemical additions.
Regeneration of the treatment area following bioremediation.
End product reuse ability and site restored to environmental standards.

Bioremediation Application:

AgriRem Earth Care have a range of application methods from a mobile process to ensure simple low impact results, to the development of a centralised site to service multiple project sites.

The proprietary blend of AgriRem Earth Care is mixed with potable water for a minimum period before application. This mixture is than applied under pressure or as required to suit the treatment process designed for the client. Treatments have regular monitoring and testing to ensure effective bioremediation within an effective period. Following treatment, the client has a reusable end product with regeneration of the treatment site.


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