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At AgriRem Earth Care, we believe in making a positive difference. We are advocates in the use of safe, organic products and sustainable management practices. The use of so many chemicals, and the evidence is now very clear, is not only damaging our environment, but having long lasting effects on our own personal health.

Residual chemicals on the grass we play on are making their way into our bodies in alarming doses and are having adverse effects on our personal health. Our youth are especially at risk with their young developing bodies. Given a choice, do we really want them playing in a toxic environment, being exposed every time they go out and play sport?

Being a family-based company, this is without doubt, the main reason we decided to take on the challenge of changing the status quo. These practices are putting everybody at risk, especially our children. The science is now very clear about chemical toxicity overload. Many of us have no idea that our kids are being poisoned by the very grass we encourage them to play on.

We know we have a challenge ahead of us, change is hard and somewhat confusing. Currently, we have the established chemical companies telling us how to do business and then you have all the half-truths coming though media. Let’s face it, in the beginning the results from chemical treatments were spectacular but, in the long-run, the impact of these chemicals is now clear. But what else can we do? Current practices are known as ‘the only way’ to maintain your turf.

It’s now time for all of us to embrace change.
The way we've challenged the status quo of traditional, chemically laden management practises is by turning it on its head and focusing on the soil. This is our fundamental difference. We’ve developed a methodology using our own environmentally friendly, organically certified, products that are unlike any other on the market today. AgriRem is the key to turning on “The Natural Nutrient Cycle™”. Healthy turf doesn’t include the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, pre-emergent’s, surfactants or fertilizers. As complicated as it’s made out to be, it’s also very simple, with healthy soil comes healthy turf.

Understanding and using AgriRem Earth Care’s methodology will empower you to make healthier choices for all your growing needs.
We would like to have the opportunity to discuss our solution:
1. Reduce any risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.
2. A way which doesn’t require the closure of ovals.
3. Have a fully sustainable system that works with the nature, not against it.
4. That now has Zero harm to the local environment.
5. Totally eliminate chemical run off into your local waterways.
6. Enable the local bird life to enjoy an abundance of healthy earth worms.

Dean Hore      

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Don accepting the 2015 Queensland Premiers Sustainability Award for community.
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Dean & Scott at the Awards Night.

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